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For the record, I’m not a fan of trading anyone for Kevin Love. Personally, I’d rather see what our guys have to offer first and if by the trade deadline we feel the need to make that trade, that’s when you execute. I think we already have a good amount of offense anyway. We should be focusing on shoring up our defense in the paint. Not giving up the depth we have AND our future assets to make some “big 3”.

The Internet is an amazing place.

Andrew Wiggins’ spin and slam

Anthony Bennett’s 360 dunk from yesterday


Andrew Wiggins’ pre-game theatrics


5x NBA Champion, turned TNT broadcaster, Steve Kerr:

"You know who used to go for every block in transition was Craig Ehlo.  He’d go for it every time, and he kept getting dunked on.  Finally, we said, ‘Craig, why do you keep going for it?  You’re going to end up on all these posters.’  
He goes, ‘My only chance to be on a poster.’”


Looks like CJ is moving on to Indiana

I am filled with the sadness


@22wiggins with his brand new Wine & Gold threads! He’s gonna rock it well in the fall. #CavsDraft

This is a dope video that breaks down David Blatt’s offense and it even uses representations of each of our guys (and one guy that isn’t our guy).